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                         Secrets to prepare a good Coffee                           TO RETURN

1. - Use carafe water or filter water to obtain better results. The water with flavor to chlorine affects the flavor of the coffee, for this reason it should never be used to prepare coffee.

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2. - Hot the water, until the point of boil approximately 100 centigrade degrees, in that moment put the appropriate quantity of Cafe Colon for each cup, a common normal spoonful (8 gr.), or full (10 gr.), or of 40 at 50 (gr.) for liter of coffee to prepare.

3. - It should turn off the fire immediately, the coffee should never boil because It acquires an unpleasant flavor

4. - Take the hot coffee, after allowing it to rest some minutes so that they settle the residuals of the coffee, don't reheat the coffee, because It acquire a different, flavor.Only you prepare the quantity that You will take.

Important advice:

On the coffee

Buy the necessary quantity, and conserve their aroma in a recipient with very closed cover, buy single coffee of first of characteristic good and high quality like Cafe Colon.

On the Grinding

Use alone the grinding appropriate to the way of preparing,

Grinding to Regulate or Normal.- it is used for the preparation in pot or percolador, or French modern coffeepot.
Grinding Fine. - it is used for the preparation in coffeepot in filter coffeepot.
Grinding Express. - For coffee express.
Grinding Arabic. - it is a Grinding superfine that the Arabs use for their traditional coffeepots.

On the Toasted

Use the one toasted to their pleasure, if you want a coffee with fine and outstanding flavor you use a toasted half or clear, if you want a more bitter flavor it uses the toasted dark, European or call also Of Viena.

On the coffeepots

Don't wash their coffeepot inside neither it is used detergent or soap, simply use hot water and dry it, and change the filters regularly to obtain a purer coffee.

r                                          Recipes of Coffee                     g           TO RETURN

American coffee 1                   TO RETURN


  • 4 spoonfuls of milled coffee
  • 1 liter of water
  • Sugar to the pleasure


To make a very loaded coffee and to add the hot water. This is a coffee that you can sweeten to the pleasure.

Cappuccino Coffee 2                     TO RETURN

  • 1 cup of strong coffee
  • 1 cup of hot milk
  • powdered cinnamon


The extremely hot coffee is served, filling the cups until the half; the hot milk is beaten until having abundant foam and it is placed smoothly in each cup; it is decorated with powdered cinnamon.

Vienes Coffee   3                     TO RETURN


  • 2 cups of Coffee
  • 2 spoonfuls of sugar
  • It cremates of beaten milk
  • Powdered chocolate
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The very hot coffee is served in cups of porcelain. It is sweetened and then it is decorated with the cream of milk and the powdered chocolate

Arab coffee   4                     TO RETURN


  • 6 spoonfuls of coffee Arab type
  • 1 spray of cinnamon
  • 1 seed of cardomomo
  • 6 small cups of water
  • sugar to the pleasure


It begins the water to boil and the spices are added, previously put in a cloth bag. It covers himself the jar and It puts on to slow fire until the moment in that it will break to boil again in that retires and it is allowed to rest during 12 or 15 minutes, not without before to remove the bag of the spices.

Colombian coffee  5  5                 TO RETURN


  • 2 medium spoonfuls of milled coffee
  • 2 cups of water
  • a tiny piece of grated ginger
  • sugar moraine or of cane


The coffee and the ginger are placed in a coffeepot of incorporate filter, or in a traditional cloth strainer when the water has made one or two boils It spills very slowly on the coffee. It is sweetened with brown sugar of cane.

Royal Coffee  14 6                     TO RETURN


  • 1 loaded coffee
  • 1 clod of sugar
  • Brandy


To fill the cup with the hot coffee. To put the sugar in a spoonful balanced on the cup and to fill with brandy; to wait some seconds and to fasten with a wax match; when the flame you begins to turn off, shed the content of the spoonful in the cup.

Mexican coffee   me 7                     TO RETURN

For 4 people
  • 50 ml. of thick cream
  • .75 of spoonfuls of powdered cinnamon
  • .25 of spoonful of nut moscada
  • 1 spoonful of sugar
  • 550 ml. Of hot very concentrated coffee
  • 4 spoonfuls of syrup of chocolate
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To mount the cream with a third part of the cinnamon, the nut moscada, and the sugar. To put a spoonful of syrup of chocolate in four medium cups, to add the remaining cinnamon to the coffee and shed in the cups: to mix with the syrup and to cover with the mounted cream.

                                                  Ice cream of Cappucchino 8                        TO RETURN


For 6 to 10 people

  • 450 ml. Of strong coffee
  • 1 75 ml of liquid cream to mount
  • 100g of sugar


To put all the ingredients in a glass and to heat to slow fire, constantly removing, until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture begins to boil. To allow to cool until it arrives to a temperature of 38 ºc and, subsequently, to put it in a deep recipient and to put it in the freezer. To let that the mixture freezes from 3 to 6 hours. Before serving, to take out the recipient of the freezer and to maintain it in the refrigerator during 30 minutes.

Cake Sofia      9   9               TO RETURN


  • .50 cup of strong coffee
  • 150 gr. Of sugar glas
  • 3 eggs
  • 125 g of butter
  • 250 gr flour
  • 100 g of grated almonds
  • yeast

molino.jpg (10119 bytes)


To dissolve in a ladle 150 grams of sugar and 3 egg yolks, until the mixture is creamy, to add 125 grams of not very soft butter, incorporated in small quantities, and half cup of very strong coffee, to add this mixture 250 gr of blended flour progressively with half yeast package, to beat the white eggs about to snow and to incorporate them little by little, to add at the end 100 grams of grated almonds or powdered to put the mixture in a mold with butter and flour and to put in the very hot oven during .75 of hour .

Cookies of Coffee  10               TO RETURN


250 gr. of sifted flour
100 gr. of butter
100 gr. of sugar moraine
2 spoonfuls of very fine milled coffee
1 egg

It melts the butter and beat it with the sugar. It mixes the flour with the coffee. It adds the egg, it kneads and It extends, forming a layer of 1 cm. of thickness. Short the cookies of the size that you prefer and put them in a greased recipient. Put them to the oven to moderate heat.

Jello of coffee with milk11               TO RETURN


300 gr. of sugar
6 egg yolks
6 egg white about to nougat
5 leaves of white grenetina
2 cups of brown espress (strong)
1 liter of milk

It mixes the sugar and the yolks. For separate, it melts the grenetina with a little bit of hot water. To the hot milk It adds the coffee and the grenetina. Then It adds the mixture of sugar and yolks, lastly the white about to nougat. Empty the mixture in a previously humidified mold. It refrigerates until it hardens. It adorns with cream chantilly.

Coffee three Licores   12 li         TO RETURN


1 ounce of Bailley´s
1 ounce of Kalhua
1 ounce of Amaretto
10 ounces of fresh coffee
2 to 3 spoonfuls of cream combing
1 tiny piece of powdered cinnamon
1 piece of chocolate
2 cracks of cinnamon

It combines the first ingredients in a pot and then it pours the content in glasses for capuchino. Cover them with the beaten cream and sprinkle them with the cinnamon and the chocolate. Serve them with a piece of cinnamon in each glass.

Royal Coffee       ro      13               TO RETURN

  • Strong coffee: 2 cups
    Brandy: 2 cups
    Sugar: 1 spoonful
    Born Chantilly to decorate



It warms the coffee added with sugar in a saucepan with handles. It spills the brandy and you flames. Once out the flame, spills in cups and it is adorned with born Chantilly. The origin of the name of Coffee Royal indicates it without a doubt the same name: it is the celebrated Coffee Royal of London, or of the Coffee of that was in the Real Palace (Palais Royal) of Paris, unless it is simply said to be this real recipe.

The primitive recipe praises that It puts on a clod of sugar in the cup and it is surrounded with the hot coffee until its half. The superior part of the clod should be surrounded of brandy that you flames at once. If they are lumpish of sugar, we advise this original form of preparing this coffee because It has more charm.

Quemado  Coffee     20                 TO RETURN

  • Brandy: 2cl.
  • Spice: 2 nails
  • Cinnamon of rasped orange: a little
  • Bark of rasped lemon: a little
  • Sugar: 2 spoonfuls
  • Very strong coffee: 25cl
  • It cremates of Chantilly to decorate


It mixes in a copper saucepan the brandy, the nails, the cinnamon, the orange bark and lemon, and the sugar; It warms under the flame of an infiernillo, You flames and you revolves a little. They will already have gotten ready 2 cups full with the 2/3 of very hot coffee. It spills (without losing the species) the brandy flamed on the coffee. It is decorated with the cream of Chantilliy, or this is presented separated. The burnt term designates in general the preparation from the brandy to which certain species like the cinnamon and the nails are added, with visits to flame him. And when It joins the coffee with the burnt one, a true miracle is obtained that included give live to the dead hunters of cold when they return of a long and fruitful hunt.

Imperial Coffee 15         im           TO RETURN

  • Egg yolk: 1 unite.
  • Sugar: 1 spoonful
  • Brandy: 1 glass
  • Loaded coffee: .25 Cup
  • Milk: .25 Cup


It is beaten the yolk, the brandy and the sugar. It spills this in a bowl, also adding the hot coffee. The Imperial Coffee is one in the ways how It gets ready the coffee in Vienna. Most of those preparations have reminiscent names, but none is explicit regarding their composition. There is a quick glance of the election that they offer the vieneses Coffee here: Fiacre, strong coffee served in a glass; the watered mocha. that is a strong coffee with a drop of brandy or rum. The Consul designates a coffee to the cream. The Cabriolet is composed of a half of coffee and another of cream combing. Well, we would still find a great quantity from fantastic variations to the Austrian.

Hawai Coffee   16          ha             TO RETURN

  • Cold and strong coffee: 2 cups
  • Juice of tropical pineapple: 1 cup
  • Hailed coffee: .50 l.


You mix everything and it is beaten until obtaining an air cream. Then, It spills in glasses. It is decorated with the cut tropical pineapple to dice and grated chocolate. The islands Hawai was discovered in 1778 by the English navigator James Cook. From 1959, they form the fiftieth state of it USA. Most of the revenues of the archipelago of the tourism, even that the agricultural producers also have a great importance, mainly the cane of sugar, followed by the plantations of tropical pineapple. Naturally, the coffee is also present, particularly, in the great island of Hawai, with about 2.6 millions of coffee farmers.

White cheese to the Coffee 17                  TO RETURN

  • White cheese: 250 grs.
  • Milk: 2 spoonfuls
  • Soluble coffee: 2 spoonfuls
  • Sugar: 2 spoonfuls
  • Born Chantilly: 25 cl
  • Sugar vainillado: 1 bag
  • Grains of coffee to the chocolate to decorate.
granos4.jpg (12029 bytes)


One works to the blender the white cheese, with the milk, the coffee, the sugar and the sugar vanilla, until obtaining an air mass. It is added the cream daintily. This spills in glasses and It enters in the one refrigerated. Before serving, the glasses are decorated with the grains of coffee. The white cheese can be used in the preparation of numerous desserts; it is, indeed, very advisable for its qualities: little value caloric, great wealth vitamins. This way, in their association with the coffee, like with the fruits, it is an unctuous, slight and pleasant dessert visible.

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