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A - How can I Request Coffee to Cafe Colon?
1. - Which is the best temperature to prepare coffee?
2. - On what does the Quality of a prepared coffee depend at Home?
3.-Which is the difference among the Arabic and robust coffee?
4.-How much milled coffee I need to prepare a cup of coffee?
5. - How should I keep my coffee so that it conserves their qualities?
6.-What type of Milled coffee, I have to Buy?
7.-What is a Express coffee?
8.-How much does caffeine contain the decaffeinated coffee?
9.-Does differences Have a Gourmet Coffee?
10.-How affects the Toasted to the Flavor of the Coffee?
11.- Why do they differ the prices of decaffeinated and regular coffees?
12. - How many calories does it have a cup of regular coffee ?
13.-What is the Black coffee?
14.-Does Medicinal virtues Have the Coffee?
15.-Can a hypertensive person consume coffee?

A.- How can I Request Coffee to Cafe Colon? h 1     TO RETURN

R =
1.-To Choose the Option of Orders or Express Orders in our General Menu

2.-You have be registered to Be able to consent to our Catalog of Products
3.-You have choosing in the catalog The Product to order and the Quantity.
4.-Computer will calculate the total of their order including the Shipment, and tax to the Added Value.
5. - You have that to confirm the Order in the Computer.
6.- You have that to deposit the quantity in the Bank to the Following bill:

Banamex, S.A. (Banco Nacional de Mexico)
Suc. 101
counts 55454
Victor De Arcangelis Martínez

7.- To send to the following Fax a Copy of the Record of Deposit:
Of the interior of the Country (México):01 (2) 817 91 37
Of the Exterior of the Country 52 (2) 817 91 37

or to put in the reference of the Deposit of Banamex the Number of Order of Cafe Colon assigned by the Computer.

8. - Later to The biggest brevity It will Be provided Their Order, and you with its

Nail Secret, able to Consult if their order was already Provided. 0

w1. - Which is the best temperature to prepare  coffee?


R = According to the chemical studies, the temperature of good water to prepare coffee is 98-100 Centigrade degrees. The coldest water doesn't extract enough oils of the essence of the grain of the coffee.



o2._On what does the Quality of a prepared coffee depend at Home?


R=The quality of a prepared drink depends on the following factors:

Time that has of having Milled the Grain of coffee.

Time that has of having Toasted the coffee.

Cleaning of the team of Preparation of the coffee.

Quality of origin of the coffee (Very Important)

Purity and quality of the water with which gets ready the drink.

W33.-Which is the difference among the Arabic and robust coffee?


R= The grains of Arabic and the grains of the robust are two species different from coffee. They are the primary species of coffee that are in the American cup and of the world. The general differences are in the flavor, and under the conditions under which crop in the world.

Arabic their flavor has a wider range, among varieties. They go in flavor of sweet-soft to acid-strong. Its aroma of the grain without toasting sometimes resembles each other to the blueberries. Their toasted aroma is characteristic of the coffee, strong, and very pleasant.

Robust their flavor this in the range of neuter to rough and they are often described as neuter flavors of great body. Its aroma of the grain without toasting often describes simple. Their toasted aroma often resembles each other to Burnt rubber.

Condition of the production: Arabic they are delicate, they require climates tropical fresh, many humidity, rich earth, shade and sun. They are subject to the attack of the several pests, and it is extremely vulnerable to the cold and the not well agricultural care.

Robust they are more robust plants, able to grow in low altitudes, less subject to problems related to the pests and the rough handling. They surrender more pounds of gender finished by the acre at a lower cost of production.

H44.-How much milled coffee I need to prepare a cup of coffee?


R = Approximately 10 grams of coffee milled by cup or of 40 grams to 50 grams for liter of prepared coffee.

H55. - How should I keep my coffee so that it conserves their qualities?


R=You should always keep the coffee in grain in a recipient of closed glass tightly. The air and humidity are the enemies of principle of the coffee. The recipient of Glass is better because it doesn't retain the scents of the grains or the foods which could contaminate the grains of coffee kept in the same recipient. However, if you use the glass recipient, make sure the recipient it is not exposed in the sun, because it is believed that the solar light reduces the qualities of the coffee.

Only buy the quantities of coffee that You can consume for a two week period.
Don't freeze the milled coffee. There are two important problems here. One, the cold will damage some of the subtle flavors in the coffee and two, when the coffee takes the recipient outside It will sweat and it will expose its coffee to the humidity.

W6       6.-What type of Milled coffee, I have to Buy?            TO RETURN

The Milled better is the one that adapts totally to the system of preparation of the Coffee in the following square we point out the Systems of preparation of the coffee and the types of having milled appropriate for them.

System of preparation of the coffee

Type of Milled

Pot Regular Milled
Coffee Percoladora(Filter of metal) Regular Milled
Coffeepot of paper Filter Milled Fine
Coffee Express Milled Express
Coffeepot Traditional Arabic Milled Arabic or Turk

W7        7.-What is a Express coffee?                                   TO RETURN

R=It is a Prepared strong coffee with special machines of Vapor, which make that it is extracted with more efficiency the whole essence from the Toasted coffee to the Preparation in the cup.

This system is very used in Europe and especially in Italy.

taza4.jpg (10816 bytes)

H88.-How much does caffeine contain the decaffeinated coffee?


R=The Arabic coffee contains much less caffeine that the robust coffee, and the decaffeinated coffee removes him around 97% from the caffeine to the Normal coffee.

v_taza.gif (138 bytes)It is necessary to clarify that the Caffeine has the following benefits:

a)It maintains awake to ourselves when we have to make a monotonous or boring task.

b)It gives to ourselves enough it forces muscular and resistance to carry out strong works.

c)It gives to the drink Pleasant and tonic flavor.

D9                     9-Does differences Have a Gourmet Coffee?


R= Gourmet Coffee is characterized to be chosen the Grain carefully by its size, and its characteristics that make it a specialized coffee of very delicate flavor, besides having an outstanding aroma.
It is more expensive than the normal coffee due to the careful process of Selection of the Grain that requires to become Gourmet.

F10.-How affects the Toasted to the Flavor of the Coffee?


R=Generally, among darker any variety you Toast, the flavor is heavier and stronger in the cup, it also acquires a more bitter flavor. The purpose of toasting is to extract the flavor toward outside of the grain of coffee. When the one toasted is dark, the coffee acquires a burned flavor, which is very appreciated in some countries of Europe. For this reason It is denominated Toasted Vienes, or European.

However, in spite of the European likes the Professional Tasters of coffee feel him their qualities in their entirety, only when the coffee this Toasted Clear.

Y11.- Why do they differ the prices of decaffeinated and regular coffees?


R=The difference of Prices among the decaffeinated and regular coffees is the result of the costs incurred in the process of decaffeinated , which is quite expensive, and it also produces the loss of weight in the Grain of the coffee that happens as a result of this process.

The coffee Loses 97% of the caffeine in this industrial Process.

cafe1.jpg (14620 bytes)

y212._¿How many calories does it have a cup of regular coffee?


R=Less of One calorie for 8-onzas or (22 grams) serving, without cream or sugar.

13 13._What is the black coffee?


R=It is a cup of coffee that is characterized to have a Black color due to two main causes in a Positive case and in another Negative:

a)In the Moment that the coffee this very Loaded one acquires a black color. However this coffee Has a lot of force, the very toasted Coffee also spreads to be black, but It acquires a Bitter and burned flavor.

b)The another cause for which a coffee is black in the cup is because it takes complements that give him that color like the burned sugar or the burnt panela.
These coffees have taken traditionally in Mexico in some areas of the country , and they are not loaded coffee, in spite of the Popular belief.

H14 14.-Does Medicinal virtues have the coffee?


R= men of Science and doctors coincide in affirming, with some exceptions that the coffee exercises positive effects on the organism and the nervous system: it clarifies the ideas, it improve the perception, it stimulates the memory and the reflection, it accelerates the cerebral activity, it diminishes the fatigue without altering the mental abilities, factors that locate him in advantageous position in connection with numerous medicines.

15 15._Can a hypertensive person consume coffee?


R=It is not recommended the high consumption of caffeine in people that suffer of arterial hypertension. However, they can without problem to consume Cafe Colon Decaffeinated . The doctor is the one that should make this recommendation.






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500 years ago, when Cristóbal Colón discovered America
he asked:

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Everybody answers:

But that it is CAFE COLÓN

Toasted and milled in presence of you


Orders are provided:

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Italian description of the Coffee

Nero come il diavolo
caldo come IL inferno
Puro come un Angelo
Dolce come IL amore

That in English it is Translated:
Black as the Devil,
Hot as the Hell,
Pure as an Angel, Sweet as the Love.

It is almost for sure the coffee is maybe native from the High Ethiopia of the region of Kaffa, of where its name could come.
The Arabs used the Coffee As the Spiritual Drink, since with her they remained the whole night in Sentence, It acquired this way the coffee a Spiritual sense.
They are many the millions of people that live off the coffee, it is one of the big employment generators in the world economy.
At the end of the XVI century, the Italian church combatted the coffee pressing the Pope Clemente VIII with the purpose of that it vetoed the Beverage of Satan." Before being pronounced the Pope he wanted to prove it and to the first sip he exclaimed: "It would be sinned to leave those disbelieved such a delicious drink; we Conquer Satan imparting him the blessing, to make of this a truly Christian drink"!.

And from that time the Coffee is a Blessed Drink.........

For a while, it was believed that the coffee was the Cure for all the Wrongs and illnesses.....

          The certain thing is that it is very Rich.

The Arabic coffees are, without a doubt the best coffees. These coffees are extremely aromatic. However The Robust coffee are only Consumed in the World by their Body. Although they are Coffee of low Quality.
Beside the lake of Zurich, the Jacobs-Suchard Museum is been founded in 1985. This museum is dedicated to the cult of the coffee. It has a library of more than 3000 volumes of several works in different languages dedicated to the coffee from the XVI century and a collection of paintings and engravings of the coffees and of all that there is around to its. They also exist countless coffeepots, services of coffee and porcelains.
Johann Sebastian Bach wrote in burlesque tone a letter in honor of the coffee: In 1732, the poet Picander wrote a burlesque text for the coffee, of this alliance the celebrated Coffea Cantata.
The first coffee restaurant in Paris was inaugurated in 1668 and the coffee became soon in the most popular drink .
The cultivation, beneficiary, the transport, the roaster and the sale of the grain, they use approximately more than 25 million people through the world.
More than the world population's third part drinks coffee: to the head, Finnish that consume 13 kg. annual for person; the Swedes, 12 kg.; the Norwegian, 11 kg.; the Belgians 9 kg.; the Dutchmen, 8 kg. The Scandinavians consume 5 big cups of coffee a day and in Mexico only 700 grams for person a year.
Mexico occupies one from the first places to world level in production of coffee, after Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam and Indonesia, with an annual volume of production average of 5 million sacks of 60 kg.
They exist in our country 280,000 producers and 350,000 journeymen that participate in this cultivation, distributed in more than 50 regions that depend on the coffee. Also, 2 million workers occupied in milled beneficiary's, toasted, and process of the coffee.
The coffee constitutes, today in day, one of the most important products in the international trade,overcome in value, Only for the petroleum.
The world produce in a year, around 112 million sacks of 60 kg.

Do you know you that...?

The French philosopher Voltaire had the reputation of drinking 50 cups of coffee a day.
Jean-Paul Sartre and Ernest Hemingway elaborated many of their works in the parisinos Coffees.
Beethoven had fame of counting sixty grains of coffee obsessively to elaborate its cup.
The first European coffee was sold in pharmacies in 1615 as a medicinal remedy.
The human body absorbs only 300 milligrams of caffeine in its moment, a bigger quantity is not assimilated and it doesn't cause bigger stimulus. The body eliminates of its system 20 percent of caffeine per hour.
The express contains less caffeine than any other coffee.
The Italians don't drink express Coffee during the foods. They consider it separated an event, to which it is necessary to give him their own time.
The tax that was applied to the tea in 1773 to the colonies involved in the Boston Tea Party", made the North Americans to change the habit to take tea for that of the coffee. To drink coffee was an expression of freedom.
United States is the biggest consumer of coffee, caring a third of the total of the coffee exported in the world.
Starting from that the Koran, the sacred book of the Muslims, prohibited the alcohol, the coffee became an excellent substitute.
The cold coffee in can has been popular in Japan from 1945.
The assiduous drinkers of coffee have a third less than asthma symptoms that those that don't drink coffee, according to a study of the University of Harvard, applied 20 thousand people.
American continent produces two thirds of the world production of the coffee. .
The two bigger suppliers of coffee in the world are Brazil and Colombia.
A coffee produces its first crop when has near five years. Of there it continues taking place for 15 to 20 years.
The fruits of the coffee, called cherries, they mature evenly. The same branch can offer red, mature cherries, green cherries without maturing or too mature black cherries. A conscious farmer will only select the mature ones.
To obtain a kilo of toasted coffee 4000 cherries they are needed picked up by hand. Two grains for cherry give a total of 8 thousand grains of coffee for kilo.
The robust plant of coffee has double caffeine that the Arabic one.
The coffee is produce in more of 50 countries, understood between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
The sacks of coffee weigh 60 kilograms approximately when they are full with grains of green coffee. They are needed but of 600 thousand grains to fill a sack.
Inside the range of agricultural products of the world, the crop of the coffee continues being handmade and it has not been even affected by the mechanization or automation.
Mexico produces coffees of excellent quality, classified among the best in the world. An example is its varieties Coatepec, Pluma Hidalgo and Marago, to mention some.

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