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To the south of Abyssinian, a name
shepherd Kaldi discovers that their
goats, after eating the fruits of a wild
bush, behave cheerily. Kaldi communicates it to an Abbot of a near
temple who gives of drinking its infusion
to the monks of the monastery. They
discover this way the virtue of allowing
them to remain in candle during the night

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Slaves sudaneces that go by Ethiopia in its trip to Arabia provisions of coffee is taken to survive the voyage. Few years later the cultivation of the coffee begins in Yemen and its commercialization with the whole Muslim territory from the port of Mocha. It is known as QAHUAH that means infusion. The Turks pronounce it QAHVE, passing to the European versions CAFFEE, COFFEE, CAFF and COFFEE

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The first coffees open up that although originally they completed a religious function, quickly they become meeting centers. Of there they extended to Aden, Medina and Cairo.

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Arab doctors describe an interesting virtue of the coffee that helps to their popularization: It Give an excellent aroma in the body."
The coffee has the peculiar characteristic of retaining its aroma with the perspiration.

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The coffee arrives at the capital of the Ottoman empire after the conquest of Egypt on the part of Selim I. It opens up in Damask (1530) the coffee of the Roses and that of the Door of the Salvation.

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Venetian merchants bring the coffee to Europe, later that the tea that began to be distributed in Europe in 1610, and much later that the cocoa, product that the Spaniards from the Western India brought in 1528.

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The first coffee is inaugurated in Venice called Bottega of the caffe; years later the Coffee Florian is inaugurated in San Marcos's Square, establishment that still continues open to the public.

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Luis XIV received from Amsterdam a tree of coffee. This coffee is replanted in the Garden you Des Plants of Paris, and It is the well-known ancestor of the first coffees cultivated in the French colonies and of the Caribbean (Haiti, Santo Domingo, Martinique and Guadalupe)

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The Dutchmen take the first coffees to Surinam, country of the northeastern coast of South America. Nine years later It is founded the first coffee plantation later in Brazil and two years in Colombia

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The cultivation begins in the mountains of Guatemala thanks to the missionary Jesuits, but they were the German colonists those that developed the sector in the century XIX .

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The coffee is introduced Mexico via Cuba and It is founded the first plantation in the proximities of the port of Veracruz.

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Italian colonists begin to extend the cultivation in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. The benign climate and the humid floors of the stocking mountain favor the growth of the Arabic variety of coffee.

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British colonists introduce the coffee in oriental Africa and they found the industry of the Coffee in kenya.

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The coffee becomes the second product in importance of the international trade. The consumption of the coffee extends becoming one of the favorite drinks along the planet, giving work to millions of families, transforming customs and uniting people around an aroma and a flavor that every day makes history.

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Cafe Colon is founded with the idea of making a coffee of First quality for the Market of Mexico, and from that time we have taken pains to Serve you ,stimulating with our Rich Coffee His Palate.

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