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Coffee pure type export in Can of 1kg.1 cylindrical


It is a coffee 100% pure without sugar, export quality whose grain is carefully cultivated in the region Coatepec, in vocation lands to originate the best coffee in Mexico, and of the world. It is selected and processed with special care for Cafe Colon, giving for result an exquisite aroma, and flavor that make of Cafe Colon a Coffee of special and only quality.
This coffee when getting ready acquires a clear brown color, that which means that it is Coffee 100% pure free of other complements or coloring. Packed in can to conserve for a while long all the qualities of the coffee, from their aroma until their flavor, whenever this correctly closed one the can, is separated a nonpareil presentation for gift ...If you want to make you a good gift...... gift Cafe Colon.

Grinding Toasted

Normal or regular is to prepare in percolador or Pot
Fine it is for coffeepot of paper filter or Italian coffeepot
Arabic or Turk is for preparation of the Arab coffee

Medio or normal clear American type is toasted
Dark it is a toasted European or half burned style

Coffee pure in recipient of metal
Recipient of 1kg. cylindrical
2.205 American pounds
Recipient of 1kg.  of Cube
2.205 American pounds
Coffee pure type export in plastic recipient of 800 Gms. 1.764 American pounds

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